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FOR I: Essential Life Skills

Welcome to FOR I: Essential Life Skills, a foundational program specially designed for young individuals aged 16 to 19. This three-day intensive training focuses on equipping you with crucial life skills that are vital for your transition from school to college and into university.

  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Audience: Youth¬†
  • Format: Interactive and engaging workshops combined with practical exercises

What You’ll Learn: The Essential Life Skills program provides a robust foundation in key areas that support personal development and ease the transition into higher education and beyond. Participants will gain insights and practical skills across a range of topics critical to their success and well-being.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Decision-Making: Learn how to make informed decisions by evaluating options and considering consequences.
  • Time Management: Gain strategies to manage your time effectively, balancing academic, personal, and social commitments.
  • Critical Thinking: Develop the ability to analyze information and arguments, think logically, and solve problems creatively.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand and manage your emotions, and develop empathy for others to build strong relationships.
  • Communication Skills: Enhance your ability to express yourself clearly and listen actively in various settings.

Program Structure:

  • Day 1: Building a Strong Foundation

    • Introduction to decision-making and problem-solving techniques.
    • Activities focused on developing critical thinking skills.
  • Day 2: Managing Self and Time

    • Workshops on time management and self-discipline.
    • Practical exercises for setting goals and prioritizing tasks.
  • Day 3: Emotional and Communication Mastery

    • Sessions on emotional intelligence and its impact on personal growth.
    • Interactive exercises to improve communication skills, including public speaking and group discussions.

How to Join

  • Register Online: Click here to fill out the registration form and secure your spot.
  • Prepare for the Program: Upon registration, you will receive preparatory materials to help you get the most out of the program.
  • Attend the Sessions: Join us at the designated location to participate in the three-day intensive training.