Meet Shams Arifeen

Shams is recognized as authority in changing the mindshift using his 3 simple moves process.

Shams workshops empower participants to take next step in life with excellence. He empowers participants to take control of their life my shifting their beliefs that are producing results. Shams helps his  participants use  their innate talents and challenges them to create a meaningful life for themselves and their families.

Do you want to produced tangible measurable results in life? Do you want to make a difference in your life and your Loved ones?

Apply for this 90 minutes workshop and learn through simple process, techniques  that will help you generate multiple streams of revenues.

 Invest your time and learn the art of generating multiple streams from the trainer who  trained thousands of participants. Shams is trained by world’s leading trainers like: Tony Robbins,Brian Tracy, Joel Bauer,  Peng Joon Les Brown, and others.



Shams is an authority in mind shift and wealth creation online & offline.

During his University years at university of Washington, Seattle Shams was going through hardship making minimum wage by throwing newspapers, he was tired and exhausted until a miracle happened one of his friend guided him to change his life by introducing to a personal development training workshop that changed his life for ever. Shams immediately discovered his potential and changed his life style and in a short span of few months generated 6 figure income. He learned the art of presenting, coaching/ training and since then he changed the lives of thousands. Are you tired of working 9 to5 for someone? Do you want to retire early but do not know how? Do you want to learn the art of generating wealth?

Who do we serve

Public Office holders, Corporate Leaders Keynotes Speakers, Coaches, Business Owners, Single mom entrepreneurs and all those determined to change their destiny

About Shams AR

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Wealth & Life Transformation Resource

This book contain wealth of information on how to bring a shift in your mindset and by using a 3 proven step process present persuade preserve

Many experts believe if we Learn a process in workeap  on different projects creation of very discipline and wealth creation becomes so easy! Order the book and transform yourself today!



Mentors One Year Membership

Apply for Learning of year own pace with their simple yet comprehensive training model. you will get one complete year of audio, video, workbook Lecture, QnA, proprium that will reveal you how to re-engineer and design your own powerful wealth creation Model.


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Imagine applying for the master class and advertising Quaid Momentum and ability to accomplish your goals

Masterclass is offered in US and internationally Countries live: Singapore and Turkey.

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Shams at Engineering Academy


Free intimate Coaching Passions will be available of the 15 days

16 Videos Sessions Membership:-


  • Workshop 3 Lessons

  • Business opportunities workshop

  • Technology workshop

  • Free Web Design 

3 Day's intimate Coaching Passion

They will not find their event in future for $1500/ $2997 offering.

Huge Monetizing workshop that revalues all the accents,

Passion to financial Freedom & Secure your seat now!

You will learn
  • Process to present both online & Offline

  • Learn the new skills within 3 days and apply instantly

  • Be able to persuading most likely any one

  • Once you learn the art of putting your message across persuading will not be are issue.

  • Preserve – Once you learn the art to present you will develop your following and two things will be very easy  for you how to preserve.


This 3 Day Live and offline Training workshop is a prerequisite to naster class. in this 3 Days PRE prerequisite Training workshop participate will learn skills, tools requirement & serious to build and expand their brain model. The 3 Days training offers a broad set of tools to a wide range of industries and intent’s of people.

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