Three Fundamental Actions To Adapt and Close On the web/Disconnected
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Gain proficiency with The three Fundamental Maneuvers That Produce New Clients And Income At whatever point You Present, Mentor, Train - - Run Driving forces, Studios And Online classes - - On the web/Disconnected - - From The One Who's Clients Incorporate

Brian Tracy, Joel Bauer,  Peng Joon Les Brown, and others.

Your channel, site, language, traffic, promoting, sound and picture quality doesn't make any difference - - in the event that you can't convey a convincing, intelligent, and connecting with shutting show that adapts.

You cannot remain in business without internet conversions.

If you can't close, nothing else matters.

Learn the 3 key strategies for making money everytime you talk.



Shams Arifeen Will Personally Train You With The Same Techniques And Strategies That Have Produced Massive Revenue For Over Four Thousand Students Internationally Offline/Online – Now It's Your Turn!

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These FIVE Crucial Steps Will Boost Your Online/Offline Conversion

No matter how much presentation experience you have, Shams will provide you with three crucial movements, ideas, and abilities in less than two hours that will help your presentation stand out and be profitable.

And even that is only the start.


Only ONE time will this two-hour class be offered "LIVE."


Your involvement will quickly elevate your presentation abilities to a whole new level.


The real kicker is here.


The two talents that are most crucial in any business are presenting and closing.


You have my word.


Online conversion doesn't have to feel pushy or deceptive.


In actuality, your presentation strategy may be a smooth procedure for giving your audience unbeatable actual worth.


The best part is that you will be able to provide them with an offer to continue working with you.


The majority of trainers and presenters never learn how to predictably close and convert — never! They just discuss it; nothing else. Shams Bauer has been giving presentations and closing deals for more than 40 years. Even more astounding is Shams capacity to teach these technique-based talents to just about anybody who has an open mind and a good heart, frequently sparing them the 15–40 year learning curve.

You won't be in business for very long if you don't own up to these three closing and monetization approaches and strategies.


You'll have the chance to AUTOMATE your whole online engagement and conversion process once Shams shows you how to close a "LIVE" audience one time. Of course, if you aren't there for the

The precise order and technique that Shams has taught to thousands of presenters, trainers, and business owners is comprised of these 5 movements. You will receive the exact identical system in these two hours.

Usually: $997.00

This Is Shams Gift To You Now -- For Limited Time!

What We'll Discuss:


PRESENT How to display oneself such that you are memorable from the moment of the first encounter

You are receiving coaching and training from "The Mentors Mentor," The Godfather Of The Close, who is used by many of the highest-earning speakers worldwide, both online and offline.


PERSUADE How to persuade those who ordinarily wouldn't give you a chance but are now watching everything you say and do

This is only for those who sincerely want to scale their online closing revenue; it wasn't made with a wide audience in mind.


How to Increase Client Conversion during Your Webinars and Seminars (Without Feeling Sales or Manipulative)

These tried-and-true strategies work for ANY Business in ALL Markets Worldwide! In addition to many others, Shams has created closing presentations for companies including Apple, Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Intel, Cargill, and Panasonic.


The Art Of Closing To Almost Anyone & From Anywhere, Online & Offline (and even automate the process)

Shams will also include a "Live" Q&A as a bonus.
accepting a lot of your inquiries immediately.
(These possibilities for question and response indicate coaching and leadership abilities, which many people mimic.)

You'll be provided the means to present/monetize online/offline in front of your chosen audience internationally, establishing you as an authority and the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE.


Here's What a Few Students Have To Say


Shams Arifeen

Shams is a thought leader in mind shift and wealth generation both online and offline.


Shams was going through hardship during his university years at the University of Washington, Seattle, making minimum wage by throwing newspapers, he was tired and exhausted until a miracle happened one of his friends guided him to change his life by introducing him to a personal development training workshop that changed his life forever.



Shams saw his potential right away, altered his lifestyle, and earned a six-figure income in a matter of months.


He studied the skill of presenting, coaching, and training, and he has since altered the lives of thousands of others.


Are you sick of working 9 to 5 for someone else?


Do you wish to retire early but are unsure how? Do




The Art Of Closing To Almost Anyone & From Anywhere, Online & Offline (and even automate the process)


Take away three or more strategies/techniques for monetizing your presentation — to get more leads, sales, and clients online/offline.


When you first introduce yourself, establish authority and rapport.


From "best kept secret" to "in demand and in charge"




Learn the three moves that Shams has taught to many of the world's most successful producers, including Russell Brunson, Jordan Belfort, Mia Redrick, and Dan Lok.


Advanced and repeatable methods and closing that will set you apart online and offline



Eliminate the 15-40 year sales and marketing learning curve. Additionally, obtain the methods that are now in use in this industry for presenters all over the world.




Learn how to convert prospects into customers by appealing to their desire for long-term mentoring.


Change your focus from speaking to supplying qualified new students for your seminars, webinars, masterminds, and workshops.tested procedures



Take control of tried-and-true, simple-to-apply closing strategies. It will give you an advantage in achieving your client's short-term and long-term goals


All Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches,
Authors, and Startups are welcome...

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Can I bring my business partner or my spouse?We strongly advise you to bring your business partner or spouse. We encourage you to invite anybody who is weary of sharing their ideas, experience, and tried-and-true process without the chance to monetize it.

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