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Dunk and dribble your way to victory in casual 3v3 matchups and real-time basketball tournaments. There are various all-year-long NBA events and campaigns for you to enjoy! Play your way to the top and unlock many exclusive rewards when you win matches! Are you ready to show the world who the boss is? Keep your PC running smoothly even with multiple instances.

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BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. Most gamers like to play NBA 2K14 because it is always updated and ready to play for them. NBA 2K14 was a revolution in the 2K series as the game developers revised the entire game mechanics. The game now feels so much more real than the previous generation making it sell like hot cake after release. NBA 2K14 is available to play on multiple devices and the best part is that it supports cross-platform play. Players will be able to play NBA 2K14 in multiplayer mode with their friends and family with the help of a stable internet connection even when they are not on the same platform.

All the controls of the game NBA 2K14 are quite customizable and players can change it according to their playing style. This helps gamers to game exactly the way they want without having to compromise on anything. The game will surely keep you hooked to your console at all times. Download Now. You Can Contact Me If you face any problems in installing the file or comment below.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is the game about? Gameplay The game NBA 2K14 was released in the year and the developers used all the best possible technology available to them at that time.

Features of the game NBA 2K14 is a game that has been able to stay relevant in the gaming community for a long time and the main reason for that is because of all the great features it offers.

Regular Updates The developers of the game NBA 2K14 have made sure that the game is updated regularly so that the gamers have a better gaming experience. Cross-Platform Play NBA 2K14 is available to play on multiple devices and the best part is that it supports cross-platform play. Customizable Controls All the controls of the game NBA 2K14 are quite customizable and players can change it according to their playing style. Yes, we can play the game NBA 2K14 in multiplayer mode.

In which year was the game NBA 2K14 released initially? The game NBA 2K14 was released initially in Noah February 21, 0 11, 4 minutes read. Noah Hola! I am Noah Smith. I am a small business owner from Toronto, Ontario. Ever since my childhood, I have been crazy about gaming. I belong to the generation when gamers were imagined to be hooded guys sitting in a pitch-black room with ghastly dark circles under their eyes and a gamepad in their hands. Believe me, I was no different.

I used to spend a major part of my day playing and winning. I used to win… win like a lion, every time. My friends had come to believe that I was unbeatable. I thought that too. I wanted to be the best gamer in the world. But the universe has something else planned for me. I was 23 when my life took an unfortunate turn. My dad lost his life in a brutal car accident.


Nba live 10 pc download full version. NBA Live 95

EA announced today that a playable demo of NBA LIVE 10 is now available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for all Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers. Download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball on PC with MEmu Android Emulator. Play like a pro and get full control of your game with keyboard and mouse. NBA Live Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing.


Nba live 10 pc download full version


It\’s almost twenty years ago now, but I remember like it was yesterday. A teenager in love. A teenager tuning in to tape-delayed damn you, CBS! NBA playoff broadcasts late at night, keeping the volume on the old black-and-white incher in my bedroom down low so my parents couldn\’t hear. Ah, where have you gone, Nba live 10 pc download full version Cheeks? For the past decade, however, the NBA and I have been estranged. David Stern and his \”market the stars, screw the game\” approach left me cold.

To me, basketball is a great team sport. Everyone on the floor has a crucial role to play. Seeing this ignored, first by the marketers, then by the nba live 10 pc download full version brat new generation of players, turned the NBA into an afterthought. Now, thanks to two very good PC games, I might have to rethink that approach. What the former did to renew the pure sport of basketball in my eyes, the latter did to revive the moribund NBA through a killer blend of fun and challenging gameplay at least rooted in the real thing and an unprecedented show of glitz that even Mr.

Stern has been unable to accomplish on TV broadcasts. Taken together, it all adds up to a lot of exciting entertainment and perhaps the best NBA Live released during the series\’ lengthy продолжить чтение. First and foremost, NBA Live is jammed with options. Like all of the Y2K versions of the EA Sports line, the game features enough glitzy frills to make Elton John\’s fashion consultant jealous. Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Franchise, 3 Point Shootout, 1-on-1, Practice, and internet multiplayer modes are available.

Virtually every aspect of gameplay can be adjusted, from basics like quarter length through more specific items like Defensive Fouls, Injuries, Backcourt Violation, and the Shot Clock. As you might expect, the latest addition to the NBA Live family is very arcade oriented no matter what options you tweak. Gamepad skills are all-important, and an eight- or ten-button pad is a requirement here. These extra buttons allow you to pass, shoot, fake, pivot, hand check, jump, crossover dribble, face up on an opponent, and call plays.

A few of the menu screens, including a frightening glimpse at my new look in the Player Editor. All players in the game can be edited, and new ones can be created if you want to add either yourself or a hot rookie that the designers missed to your favorite roster. Creating a player from scratch can be a lot of fun, thanks to added bonuses such as EA \’s new Face in the Nba live 10 pc download full version technology and the presence of really goofy options like afros and every type of facial hair known to skateboarding man.

Take a look at the character I created above, complete with spray-painted afro, James Worthy-inspired goggles, and facial hair unseen in North America since the Mod Squad was the hottest show on TV.

I wanted to create a whole roster of these freaks and send them into Franchise play courtesy of the Custom Team option, but homebrewed squads can only take part in Exhibition, Season, and Playoff modes. Well, perhaps the world is better off. And I can insinuate my weirdoes into various league teams as free agents. One of the coolest new touches is the addition of all-star teams from the NBA\’s five decades to the standard roster of all the current NBA teams and players.

The clubs are fairly complete, with one big exception: no Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. To a huge Laker fan, this is a major problem. Hopefully EA \’s crack legal team will keep working to get his participation in next year\’s game. On lower difficulty settings, gameplay is still rather simplistic. Rookie and Starter modes offer little challenge to even the most dexterity-challenged. Centers and star players dominate every match-up, and you can pretty much dunk at will with just a few minutes practice.

Crank things up to All-Star or Superstar, however, and the situation changes considerably. At these levels, the game turns into real, competitive basketball. The difference between the latter two and the former is huge, sort of like that between the NBA Http:// Game and the final minutes of a playoff game. Defense is a main priority of the computer, and you have to work the ball around to have any перейти of scoring, let alone actually winning a game.

Using the tried and true Live strategy of simply driving the paint with a big man will typically result in a brick, blocked shot, or quickie turnover.

Simplicity doesn\’t work. The down side to this is that nba live 10 pc download full version need to be particularly skilled with your gamepad to properly compete. Remember those crossover, fake, hand check, and face up buttons Nba live 10 pc download full version mentioned earlier? Well, you need to master tham all now.

Another big improvement is in fatigue ratings. While this function was essentially broken in last year\’s game, allowing the player to keep his starting five on the court for the full 48 if he so desired, such isn\’t the case any longer. Players get tired now, and substitutes have to be sent in. Bench strength means a lot here. Not having good sixth and seventh men can kill you if you\’re taking on a как сообщается здесь opponent.

To me, this made the overall experienceparticularly in Franchise playmuch more realistic, as it related a good impression of the strengths and weaknesses of the real NBA rosters. Getting to see first-hand why the Lakers still aren\’t going anywhere without some serious dealing is a nice plus that shouldn\’t be underestimated. Speaking of Franchise mode, it\’s been completely overhauled this time out. Which is a good nba live 10 pc download full version, because what passed for it in NBA Live 99 was ill-conceived and practically useless.

You can now take the helm of your favorite team for 25 consecutive seasons, guiding your boys to either glory or a lottery pick. Bulls or Clippers, it\’s up to you. Well, it\’s not totally up to you. The PC is pretty astute in rating talent, so don\’t expect to be nba live 10 pc download full version off any rival clubs. Drafting is also a bit of a crapshoot, as can\’t miss top ten prospects sometimes do. All in all, everything is well done here, from the draft scouting reports of rookies through retirements.

Yeah, jaw-dropping is an overdone phrase I\’d rather not use, but my thesaurus can\’t come up with anything more appropriate here.

Of course, there are a few flies in the ointment. The pace of the game is too fast. The PC always works the ball quickly, running up the court and generally going on eight cylinders at all times. I\’d prefer this to the often glacial pace of the real NBA these days, too, but this is still a little much. Players can get vertical in a hurry, and in a big way, resulting in far too many blocked shots. This can lead to a lot of frustration when first playing on All-Star difficulty, as it seems like most of your shots are smacked back in your face.

It also results in a fair number of goaltending calls. Running still feels rather uncomfortably like gliding. As happens every fall when I get back into an NBA Live title, I spent the first couple of games just trying to stay in-bounds. Fouls aren\’t as numerous as they should be, even when the Defensive Fouls slider bar is cranked all the way to the right.

Worst of all, I\’ve experienced a number of hard crashes in the later stages of games. There\’s no warning, nba live 10 pc download full version a sudden sound loop and everything freezes. Defragging my drive and upgrading to SB LiveWare 3. Overall, while the gameplay succeeds in almost every по ссылке, it never approaches the sim-like atmosphere of Inside Drive.

The fun is there, but the serious nature of Live \’s main competition isn\’t. I\’m sort of at a loss to explain why this is. Perhaps the excessive, TV-inspired glitz gets in the way somehow. Perhaps the accelerated pace and rather simple-minded offense hamper the illusion.

As only a fairly casual basketball fan these days, I don\’t know. This doesn\’t seem like much, but it makes a huge difference in how each game plays out. In terms of visual presentation, NBA Live is unmatched. Animations are excellent, with everything from vicious jams to simply walking the ball up-court coming off as authentic as a TNT broadcast. Players also simply look the part, with faces and expressions taken from real life.

Instead of that spooky old eterna-grin that everyone used to wear, they now grimace, nba live 10 pc download full version talk, and celebrate. Close-ups interspersed with the action help accentuate just how good this game looks. A great play might be rewarded with a TV-style zoom in on the scorer as he heads back down the court to concentrate on defense.

Going to nba live 10 pc download full version line always features an up-tight shot of the shooter, complete with his stats for the day. Unfortunately, as impressive as these little touches undoubtedly are, they also slow the game down. Shooting a pair from the line takes an nba live 10 pc download full version, with the camera focusing in on the player before each shot.

The extended pause before the PC shoots, or before the player is allowed to shoot, is also interminable. On higher difficulty settings with fouls cranked up to a realistic level, this problem falls just short of maddening. It really interrupts the flow of the game. Страница a patch will be issued to speed up or at least allow us to click through these frill animations. In-game audio doesn\’t keep up with the graphics.

Play-by-play, provided by St. Louis, err, Vancouver Grizzlies broadcaster Don Poier, consists of nothing but bland monosyllables raving about what just took place on the court. Color man Reggie Theus says practically nothing at all, usually confining his similarly brief commentary to introducing the nba live 10 pc download full version between quarters.

He\’s so rarely heard during on-court action that I at first suspected that a bug was shutting him up. Considering he\’s promoted on the back of the box, it\’s hard to believe that he\’s supposed to be this quiet.


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