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Jackie searches a shipwreck for the Immortal Castanets, relics that hold the evil Thunder Chi. Team Jackie uses mini-subs and scuba gear, but they can\’t stop Drago from getting the Thunder Chi Power. Drago heads to Seattle to use his Thunder Chi powers to build his secret lair. Tohru accidentally ingests the Mountain Demon Chi from an ancient pair of chopsticks and becomes a monster. Tohur gets in a battle that strips Drago of the Fire Demon Chi powers.

Jackie locates one half of the Arcanum of Chi after it\’s been stolen by a mystery thief. Jade travels through time to meet her future self, and together they recover both halves of the Arcanum. Drago takes hostages, including Jackie, and demands the Chi powers be turned over to him. When Tohru\’s potion fails to work, Drago leaves the hostages for dead and sets out on a path of destruction. Jackie calls on his friends to help him stop Drago from terrorizing San Francisco.

Strikemaster Ice destroys Section 13 as Jade escapes with the talismans. Drago fights his own father, Shendu. Jackie and his young niece battle a criminal organization for control of 12 powerful magic talismans. I was however skeptical about getting it as a watch only on Google. My fears were confirmed as nearly every episode has been consistently interrupted again and again with stuttering, freezes, video playback failures.

I\’m on a gigafiber connection. I used love this as a kid. So sad that it ends the way it does Please make season 1 and 2 available. I loved watching this as a kid, watched it from the beginning all the way to the end. Top cast Edit. James Sie Jackie Chan voice. Sab Shimono Uncle voice. Stacie Chan Jade voice. Kerry Shale. David Coker.

Rebecca Ehrenpreis. Corey Johnson. Jonathan Kydd. Laurel Lefkow. Morwenna Banks. Kal Weber. Jackie Chan Self voice. Michael Chang Brandon Vietti. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Connections Spun-off from Jackie Chan Adventures User reviews 1 Review.

Featured review. Interesting to children as well as adults. I love this cartoon. It has just enough fighting scenes to keep little energetic boys happy. Jackie Chan\’s character is very faithful to the spirit of Kung Fu, he only fights to protect himself.

This I find admirable when cartoons seem to have violence just to have violence in them.



Jackie chan adventures games free download for pc


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I think the style they used has made the game hold up pretty well over the years and even now it looks decent. Xbox One Emulator.

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