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Overall: 8. FIFA 98 is the fifth game in the series of good accepted sports games – football. This time, the main theme is the French world championship in We can choose one of the teams belonging to the FIFA federation and lead it to win the world cup through elimination, cup games.

All matches are played at stadiums in France. In addition to the cup game, we can also play in a friendly match, penalty shootout, training and league matches. As in the previous section, we can also play in the hall.

FIFA 98, has been improved graphically relative to the previous part and improved technical skills of the players. The game was considered the most realistic game in Install notes: Game tested on Windows 10 bit.

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If you happen to be a fan of the Morocco side and have seen the questionable penalty kick awarded to Norway then you know exactly what I am talking about: the amateurish refs have a huge influence on the game. Not that I would want to argue for a player-defined ref, but this problem should be taken seriously. Another concern that should be addressed is team play.

At the moment, you have to control an individual player and hope that the CPU will know where to position the other players. More often than not, though, computer-controlled players will stand around or behave along some basic scripted routine because the CPU simply can\’t simulate Brazilian solos or German tactical discipline. Of course, such AI problems are the eternal irritant of the sports gamer. This edition of FIFA reaches the end of the rope of conventional sports game design: the graphics are good enough, the player moves seem realistic and individual, the controls are superior, and the sound effects really establish an atmosphere fans chanting Italia pronounce it wrong, though!

In terms of team play and the unique styles of different squads, though, even this leader-of-the-pack leaves a lot of room for improvements. All we can hope is that EA and its competition takes the time to produce a soccer game for the season which comes closer to a pure simulation of the gameplay. But for now, WC 98 is a good place to start. JT GH 0 point. Arvore 0 point. Boumouse 1 point. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you\’d like.

If you have trouble to run World Cup 98 Windows , read the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Did I mention already the necessity of training? If you really want to master this amazingly rich control system, then you will have to spend some serious time with it. But if you don\’t, you can do very well with the few basic options, never caring about the flashier moves. Still, where\’s the fun in that? And how does the AI perform? Very well, thank you. Today\’s computers are simply not advanced enough for that. But compared to other soccer games, this one is a leap forward- players move realistically, changing places and running for open spaces.

Defenders switch positions and cover for each other, executing offside traps with cunning accuracy. Your teammates will position themselves well in almost any situation, but only as dictated by their level and skills. Goalies and defenders let balls slide over the line, protecting them from advancing strikers. No more of the \”two defenders leaving the ball, undecided\” phenomenon seen on other games- in FIFA 98 , if you want to score against a better team in World Class level, you need to work for it.

The other two levels, Amateur and Professional, are good for the first few games, but it\’s in World Class that the most fun can be had. Another nice touch that has to be mentioned is the how the different teams play- you can expect different things from Colombia and Germany when you pit your lads against them, with the former going for many short, on the ground passes and flashier plays while the latter being much more effective- and boring.

All in all, when it comes to gameplay, FIFA 98 scores heavily. The pace of the game is right- it feels like real soccer is being played. Movements are realistic, and your plays are rewarded or punished as your would expect them to be had the match been real. Controlling your players is as impeccable as you want it to be- if you spend the time learning the game, your can do precisely what you want to do.

It takes some time to understand that things are not perfect. To finish the section, I am reminded of one incident that happened while I was writing this review. Remember the \”Rosenthal miss\”, in the premiership, from several years ago? The one where he hit the crossbar from 5 yards, after a breathtaking break, and while standing alone in front of the goal?

You must have seen it, as it is still starring in almost every \”premiership bloopers\” collection shown. Well, it happened to me too And in another match, I managed to duplicate Poborsky\’s goal in the Euro championships.

These little moments of deja-vu are evidence of how good FIFA 98 really is. From time to time, the game really makes you feel as if it is real football you are watching, that you remember the play you just saw from sometime in the past.

Yes, FIFA 98 is not perfect. First and foremost, there is the \”catchup logic\” problem. EA Sports have included a bizarre feature in the game, which takes effect during the second half if the computer is down at halftime. What happens is that the computer will start shooting wildly, from improbable distances, making your goalie smack his lips in anticipation of a big bonus after so many saves.

I am not talking simple long shots here, I am talking ridiculous- yard attempts become rather commonplace. You can \”disable\” this feature from the options menu- I strongly recommend that you do this before you begin to play- thus reducing the problem to a much more bearable state.

You still get the occasional \”shooting streak\”, but in general, CPU teams at least try to get closer to goal most of the time. In any case, EA Sports have promised a patch for this problem, and to be honest, with this feature disabled, my enjoyment from the game was not ruined.

Other, much more minor problems, are also there. Goalies still make some silly mistakes sometimes- the most noticeable one is leaving the ball to the closest defender to clear, effectively allowing a charging striker to reach the ball first and force the keeper to make an instinctive jump to save a possible goal.

Would have been easier to collect the ball in the first place, but most of these situations do not end up in goals anyway, as the striker is under pressure from just behind. Trying to reach a ball that is lying just by the sidelines seems impossible for computer controller players, as they will almost always push it over. Players about to take a corner kick usually try to fix the position of the ball, only contrary to real life, they do not move it to the edge of the marked area, but rather to the middle, which seems a little unrealistic.

Lastly, but for me, the most annoying aspect of the game, are those little animations during deadballs. Just before freekicks, goalkicks, or any other such activity, the game \”treats\” you to a short, admittedly beautiful, animation of the player \”doing something\”- fixing the ball position, moving away to prepare for the shot, etc.

This is nice in the first match or so, and in an impromptu \”screen saver mode\” as I mentioned earlier, but becomes terribly annoying when you\’ve seen it all for the umpteenth time already. I really wish EA Sports would have added an option to skip those annoying little animations automatically. The first stage, of shock, is where you become stunned by its amazing performance. It takes a few games just to register everything that is going on around you, and to start getting used to the controls.

Then comes stage two, of pure enjoyment. You begin to understand what you are doing, get excited by scoring your first goal, and the like. The third stage is the one where you get annoyed by some of the glitches the game has, like the \”catchup logic\” problem.

And the last, fourth stage, and the one I am in right now, is that of growing admiration. Even after playing 40 games I am still enjoying this game tremendously. I keep on learning new things. I become excited by new funny moves I find out that I can perform.

I do silly things like grow beards for all of my players, and then give them all black outfits, hopefully enlisting the ref on my team.

You see, FIFA 98 is truly a masterful creation. It is one of those rare games, where you simply keep on playing over and over again, but never actually feel like it is beaten. It always has something new up its sleeve to throw at you, something exciting, something special.

And to top it all off, FIFA 98 is also revolutionary. How so? Well, it is the first PC soccer game ever where the graphics actually contribute to gameplay, rather than simply being beautiful by themselves.

EA Sports have really outdone themselves with this one, and they deserve all the praise I can give them. So I don\’t give squat whether it has some sillinesses. Who cares? With such an amazing play value, how can I complain? I\’ve had to use DXWnd to get this to go past the black screen.


Fifa 1998 game download pc


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Fifa 1998 game download pc


Featuring an enhanced frame rate and added animations over its predecessors, FIFA 99 also includes such details as accurate player heights, player head tracking, night games, and more detailed texture models. On the pitch, your athletes will be able to perform new slide shots, traps, tackles, and acrobatic skill moves. The main draw to this installment is a full season mode with a choice of club teams from 12 leagues.

Other options include a European dream league featuring 20 top-ranked teams and stadiums, and international matches with 42 national teams. Up to eight players are supported via LAN or Internet. It\’s a license with a long history, and each one has just improved on the engine.

This year\’s installment is no different and it just continues the excellence we\’ve come to expect from EA Sports You can also play in the European Dream League sorry America, looks like we\’re just not good enough yet , which consists of the best players and club teams in Europe.

Unlike other EA Sports games, the virtual players do not look like their real-life counterparts. But you can imagine how daunting of a task it would be to recreate every player from every team in the world.

Not that it really matters to me since I don\’t know what any of the players look like anyway, but the Brits sure did have something to say about it. In FIFA 99 you can choose to play a single match, a league tourney, a cup tourney, play up to a certain number of goals, or, with the quick game mode, you can jump into a match immediately. There\’s even a training mode where you can learn all of the basics of the game.

This offers up a lot of soccer variety, allowing you to play long, drawn out games or play a quick pick-up game. Along with the numerous game type options, FIFA 99 also includes numerous other game options. You can create your own soccer players or even your own teams.

In the management screen, you can pick your starting line-ups, position your players on the field, decide who takes penalty kicks, and trade players between teams. You also have the option of playing in hot weather, rain, sleet, or snow, making for some rather humorous matches as your players slide particularly far when attempting a tackle. How come their legs don\’t get dirty, though? So you\’re probably wondering what this year\’s installment offers over the previous versions?

There\’s improved framerate it actually ran great on a P with only 3D software acceleration , better control, new moves including chest taps, slide hooks, and fakies , improved ball physics, and improved AI. EA also claims they\’ve included real-life player heights, but I personally saw no difference in the players except for their skin color and hairstyles. Control is fluid and moving the ball down the field is a lot easier than in previous versions, which were rather sluggish in comparison.

I found using the keyboard was just as satisfying as using a gamepad, with no control loss at all. The adjustable camera means you can focus on the action from a variety of angles and, if you like arcade action more than pure simulation, you can also activate an on-screen radar which shows the position of all the players on the field. And for you control freaks out there, FIFA 99 let\’s you take command of your goalie.

Personally I like to leave the tending to the computer as I usually screw it up and control the other players on the field, but to each his or her own. Where this game really differs from the other games in the EA Sports line is the in-game commentary.

Where games like NHL 99 and NBA Live utilize running commentary which rarely repeats itself, FIFA 99s commentary seems to pale in comparison with the same phrases used over and over, sometimes within seconds of one another. Regardless, this hardly takes away from the gameplay and FIFA 99 is still a solid game.

For you gamers who like to challenge your friends, FIFA 99 also supports up to 20 players on 8 PCs, offering up some intense multiplayer action. Each EA re-release is basically the same thing: there aren\’t enough changes to qualify as a brand new product, but just enough extras to add spice to an already excellent product. I would recommend FIFA 99 to anyone looking for a good soccer game, but if you have 98, there may not be enough here to warrant a new purchase. It\’s definitely the best soccer sim on the PC, bar none Sensible Soccer?

Hah, I made myself laugh! Contact: , done in 0. Search a Classic Game:. FIFA 99 screenshots:.

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