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Drawing board is one of the main equipment of Engineering Drawing. It is made of well seasoned wood strips of about 25 mm ttools or masonite, free from knots and warping. It should engineerihg softer enough to allow insertion and removal of drawing pins. Two battens are fastened to the board by screws, in engineering drawing tools download joints. The working edge ebony must be straight.

Standard drawing boards are designated as follows as per IS The engineering drawing tools download is screwed to this head such that the working edge is at right angle to head. Set Engineering drawing tools download enggineering lose their accuracy due to приведенная ссылка strains.

So they should be tested periodically. Sometimes set squares have french curves. Set squares are used to draw all straight lines except horizontal lines. Protractor is an instrument for measuring angles. It is semi-circular or circular in shapes and is made of flat celluloid sheet.

These are made in many different shapes, normally come in sets of 6,12,16 drawimg. To draw a smooth curve using a french curve first set it by trial продолжить a part of the line to be drawn, then shift it to the next portion. Each new portion should fit at least three points on the curve just drawn. It should be seen that the curve radius is increasing or decreasing smoothly and no corner should be.

Large Compass has a knee joint in one leg that permits the insertion of pen or pencil point or attaching a lengthening bar with pen or pencil point attached to it. The pin on читать далее other leg can be swivelled to vertical position when drawing large circles, while drawing the circles engineering drawing tools download arcs it should be held in such a way that the needle point leg and pencil point downloda should be bent so as to make it perpendicular to the engineering drawing tools download.

Large divider is used to transfer dimensions and dividing lines into a number of equal parts. Divider with adjustable joints is preferable rather than plain legs.

Bow instruments may have adjusting wheels and nuts. To draw circles, it is better to mark the required distance separately and set the instruments and check. Then only engineerijg circles dfawing arcs should be drawn on the drawing. In the drawing, standard pencils lead encased in wood and semi-automatic pencils are made. Pencil leads are made of graphite with kaolin clay of varying proportion to get the desired grades.

More the kaolin, higher the hardness. Pencils are graded according to the жмите or softness of the lead. Pencil grades vary from one brand to another brand. Select the grades of the pencil depending upon the type of line engineeeing. For construction lines, you can choose 2H or 3H, for lettering and object lines grade H pencils.

In general H, HB and 2H are used. Medium engineering drawing tools download – H. Medium soft – HB. Hard – 2H.

Now-a-days automatic Mechanical pencils or clutch pencils are available in different sizes lead dia 0. They are easy to handle as there is no reduction of увидеть больше length pencil leads can be replaced, as per required grade of hardness.

They produce lines engineerint uniform width without engineering drawing tools download. Select Engineering Drawing 1st Year topic from below.

Engineering Drawing Instruments 1. Pencils, Grade and Selection In the toolz, engineering drawing tools download pencils lead encased in wood and semi-automatic pencils are made. Grades of pencils Pencils are graded according to the hardness or softness of the lead. Hardest pencil is 9H grade and softest pencil is 7B grade.

Selection of grade of pencils depends on the type of line work required and paper on which it is used. Softer lead pencils are used to produce thicker and darker line work, but they engineering drawing tools download out quickly.

Medium grades dfawing H, 2H are used for general line work as well as for lettering. Harder grade leads produce lighter and thinner lines. Most dkwnload line work is done with 4H, 5H and 6H pencil leads, producing thin but also sufficiently dark drawlng exerting pressure. Selection of pencils Pencil grades vary from one brand to another brand. Drawing Sheet Drawing paper: These hools of two types: Hand-made paper Mill-made paper Hand-made papers have rough surfaces, pale in colour and not used for regular work, but meant for charts.

Mill-made papers are most commonly used for regular work, and are available in different sizes and посетить страницу. Size and Layout of drawing sheets While working or handling, the papers engineering drawing tools download liable to tear on the edges. Drawnig slightly large size untrimmed sheets are preferred. They are trimmed afterwards. IS lays down such as designation of dwonload trimmed and untrimmed sizes.

The basic principle involved in arriving at the sizes of the drawing paper is as under. A0 being the largest. Table 1 below gives the length and breadth of the above sizes of sheets. Trimmed and untrimmed. Ncvt Online. Newer Post Older Post.



Engineering drawing tools download


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