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Windows device users can finally perform their internet searches via the Google Search app now, finally filling the gap. The Google Search app for Windows 10 devices has basic Google Search functionality as one would find within a browser , with a cleaner, mobile-optimized look and feel. Enjoy the highly rated voice-enabled search function within the app as well, making quick searches a breeze. With so much of the world turning to voice-enabled living, Google Search is clearly listening to its userbase by including this feature.

The overall aesthetic of the Google Search app for Windows 10 is impressive. This helps you make a quicker, more informed decision as you choose which page to click. Search result websites are opened within the app itself.

Additional Google apps can also be accessed via a portal within the Google Search app, further helping Windows users easily access their Google services. While these web apps open within the Google Search app, the key functionality and purpose of the app remains the search function itself.

Users can swipe up from the bottom of the app or right click to access more options. Search on your terms by easily adjusting the Google Search Settings including whether or not to record search history on that particular device. You can also clear search history from each device. A full app tutorial is available for users needing a better understanding of how to use the service.

Safety within the Google Search app are the same as with any Google search or service. Unlike most privacy policies which are mostly walls of text, Google seems to actually want the user to understand how their data is being used, providing artistic and descriptive videos to help lift the fog. Google collects standard information including search terms, videos watched, ad views and interactions, purchases, etc.

They claim they collect this data in order to better provide, maintain, improve, and develop their services. The Google Search app was created to allow Windows users access to their preferred search engine and Google apps via the web apps functionality.

The only choice users had before this software release was searching within a web browser directly. The Windows community requested this app for a while and Google and Windows finally delivered, first offering it on Windows 8 devices.

Today, users still have the ability to perform a Google search within a web browser, however this is seen as the inferior option. Of course, searching via another browser Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You want to perform your Google searches within a mobile-enabled app, not a tiny browser window. For that reason, the Google Search app for Windows 10 devices especially phones and tablets is an ideal solution. While Google and Microsoft continue to be predictable adversaries, this solution is an olive branch that just may make your life easier. As a Windows PC user, there is not a major advantage to downloading this app to a desktop.

You can easily open your browser hint: Google Chrome and easily perform your Google search. There is no clear motivator to download this to a Windows PC.

Users with Windows phones and tablets are the true benefactors of this app, providing them with the ability to perform their Google search in a clean, integrated app synced across all devices. Downloading Google Search for your Windows phone or tablet will facilitate easier browsing and access to your favorite Google webapps. Free mouse click automation tool. Ultimate Solution. How to fix if File Explorer is not responding or has stopped working?

Users find their Windows 10 search bar missing suddenly; it may be just hidden. You should read the following steps to know how to hide and unhide the search box.

To control which folders are includes in a Windows search, please select Searching Windows in the left pane and look for Find My Files section in the right pane. What if you still find the Windows 10 search not working after trying above methods? There are still other ways to help. Please read this page if you discover Cortana search not working. Sarah has been working as an editor at MiniTool since she graduated from university.

Sarah aims at helping users with their computer problems such as disk errors and data loss. She feels a sense of accomplishment to see that users get their issues fixed relying on her articles. Besides, she likes to make friends and listen to music after work. Tip: Improper operations while using computer could lead to data loss. Besides, your valuable files may get lost due to virus attack, system update and many other reasons.


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For example, if you run a desktop publishing program and edit a business report, you may need to search Google while fact checking. So back to Google


How to Add Google to the Task Bar | Small Business –

That would mean that the statistics and a lot of the comments really aren\’t relevant any more. Cortana can have a male or female voice. Cortana is still a technology and not an actual person.


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